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After many successful years running The Golden Network, Victoria Salem has branched-off into one-to-one coaching with Opera singer Katerina Mina. Their main focus will be one personal training sessions, workshops and various types of training. Together they have formed TGN Coaching which operate in and around London.

TGN coaching offers tailored Business Networking, LinkedIn and Confidence workshops and coaching. Their training will be provided by industry experts and leaders.

Victoria says "We provide different workshops and training, providing all your needs to become an efficient and successful networker"

Their very first workshop was 30th April 2019 and was very successful. It was hosted at the premises of Université Paris-Dauphine in London, with fabulous turnout and feedback.

Katerina said "Thank you very much for having me on board your first coaching workshop! Looking forward to working more with you on this inspirational and exciting journey!"

In fact, London is well known for one-to-one coaching and has some of the best in the business like Carole Ann Rice, Harsha Perera, Katerina Mina and Victoria Salem.

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